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The Great King [entries|friends|calendar]
Killing Moon

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Phone Me [20 Sep 2005|02:03pm]
Dear Jenelle Taylor,
To bad I didnt see you at school the other day
it would have been a pleasant
I would gladly come visit you at
Ye Olde Farme
If only I knew the hours in which you work.
In related news
I miss you aswell.

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Call me [19 Sep 2005|11:40pm]
Jenelle Taylor,
Where do you work?

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Dating [03 Sep 2005|10:47pm]
I havent Updated since November 4th 2004.
SO here is an update since then,
I had my Interview at Barnes and Noble with the Cafe Manager,
I, proving successful, got the Job.

I have been going to school at Moorpark
Mondays thru Thursdays
10am to 1pm,
If anyone wants to pretend to spontaneously run into me during thoses hours
feel free to.

I have a new dog.
Her name is Alake
pronounced ALA (like "a la carte" or the Muslim god) KEY.
She is an award winning Golden Retriever.

I am leaving on a Boat to Greece soon.
Im taking on a few extra studies to try and figure out
why the world is attacking us.
I hope to find the answers in the ruined temples of Poseidon,
whose voice was savagely unleahed over the state of
I will be keeping my studies and events written in
Form in this livejournal establishment.
Alake aswell as my dear cousin Sophia will be accompanying me on my

Thank You and Good Night

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